Garages from all over Switzerland can partner with CARIFY and participate to the sharing economy



CARIFY AUTO-ABO - The new sales channel for garages

Studies show that by 2025 already 15% and by 2030, up to 40% of all cars will be driven in the form of a car subscription and that more and more cars, especially electric cars, will be sold thanks to the Try-and-Buy formula.

CARIFY offers to Swiss dealers a simple way to participate in the Auto-Abo trend and to sell efficiently its cars online.

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Exclusive partner of the AGVS-UPSA

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What is the CARIFY Fleet Network?

The CARIFY Fleet Network gives you the unique opportunity to become a partner of the largest Auto-Abo-platform in Switzerland.

As a partner, you integrate your cars into our website and receive a commission on every car rented via CARIFY.

We are constantly optimizing our products to provide the best possible experience and help you get more bookings.

Why should you participate?

  • Get new clients
  • Earn money out of standing cars
  • More visibility and promotion
  • The easiest way to prepare for the future of mobility


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How does it work?

LOGIN - access your cars on CARIFY 

SELECT - choose the cars you want to publish on CARIFY and select the monthly revenue

GET CUSTOMERS - CARIFY brings you clients and takes care of the logistics of the bookings

GET REVENUE - You receive every month your monthly compensation from CARIFY

How much can I make?

You set the prices! We help you choose the adequate monthly compensation for each car depending on the brand, model, year and market price.

Would you like to see the price suggestions for your cars? Book a call with us and we show it to you directly!


Book a phone meeting with our Partnership Managers to understand your benefits!

Making clients happy

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